Who We Are

This is a snapshot of the key people at Dakin & Co who will all help you with any aspect of your accounting and taxation, or other financial needs:

Sam and Gosia


Sam, left of photo, has been an accountant for more years than she cares to remember - when she qualified she was the youngest accountant in the country, and she still gets a buzz out of beating complex puzzles like minimising Capital Gains Tax which would bore normal people to tears.

In her spare time, Sam is a keen biker and co-runs a blood-bikes charity, East Midlands Freewheelers, which as well as transporting blood packs and donor organs, has its own "milk hub", storing and transporting donated breast milk for premature or orphaned babies and for new mums struggling to breastfeed.


Having studied economics in Poland, Gosia, right of photo, moved to the UK and started with Dakin & Co in 2015 as an apprentice. She's our expert on the various bookkeeping and accounting software packages, while most of her day is spent producing accounts and VAT returns for limited companies.

Outside work, Gosia is a Cub and Brownie leader and enjoys puzzles.

Charlotte and Becky


Charlotte's background is in business administration. With twenty-five years of dealing with everything from export to debt collection, recruitment to product sourcing - you name it - she's handled it. As our Practice Manager Charlotte will speak to you in plain English and is likely to have some experience of the problems you're tackling, acting as a bridge between the accountants and your business.

In her spare time she's into crime fiction and world travel. Ask her about her stint working as an emu farmer.



Coco is the real boss of the business. If you come to our office and hear thuds above you, that will be Coco demonstrating her spectacular leaping and catching techniques. Her energy and enthusiasm infects the office with joy and despite not having many accountancy skills, she knows when she has been short changed on treats!

Require More information?

If you would like more information or would like to speak to us direct then call us on 01773 790097. Or if you would prefer, ask us a question online.

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