Business Compliance services in Nottingham and east midlands from Dakin & Co.

Compliance Services

Channelling Creativity and Compliance for the Best of Both Worlds.

There’s a bit of a rebel in us all. The most successful people in life are probably the least compliant and, from big business to television, famous names have generally been the most disruptive.

It’s said that fortune favours the brave, but while you can be as creative as you like in your business thinking, compliance is sometimes essential. Our job is to guide you through the process of compliance, so you have peace of mind in knowing you and your business are compliant with essential legislation.

What is Compliance?

Being compliant means that your business is managed responsibly and conforms to financial and ethical business practices, operating within UK law and regulations.

The service Dakin & Co provides supports all aspects of business administration, including:

  • Making sure your accounts are prepared in the correct format
  • Ensuring that statutory books and other company secretarial records are up-to-date
  • That statutory returns are correctly prepared and filed on time

This all takes time – and dare we say, is pretty boring. Being good at it though doesn’t make us the bores of Britain. We are a great bunch of people who know how to make your life easier; to give you the freedom to concentrate on managing and growing your business.

You can rely on us to take on all those administrative tasks that can tie you in knots:

  • Book keeping
  • Annual accounts
  • Company secretarial services
  • Payroll procedures, including Real Time Information and Pensions Auto Enrolment compliance
  • Tax returns

Richard Branson probably broke more rules than anyone on his road to success, but for most, it’s too easy to fall foul of the rules. Ignorance of procedures, lack of training, overwork, or just being busy, is no excuse when you are hit with a fine for being late with your NIC, VAT, Tax or Companies House return.

Which is why help for businesses of all sizes is just a phone call away.

If you would like more information or would like to speak to us direct then call us on 01773 790097. Or if you would prefer, email or ask us a question online.

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